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Stephen Hawking: Climate change and Cosmos’ potentialities for the Humankind

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This documentary reveals Dr. Hawking’s opinion on the link between climate change and the human being’s future on the Cosmos. He stated: “Since we are on the brink of a nuclear era and an unprecedented climate change period, once again scientists are particularly responsible for providing accurate information to the general public and for advising leaders on the threats to humankind. As scientists, we are still learning how technological and human activities impact on climate systems in ways that could damage forever life on the Earth.

As world’s citizens, we must share knowledge as well as advise the general public on the unnecessary risks we are exposed to every day, and anticipate risks if governments and societies do not take action. I believe that on a long term the human race’s future will be on the space. It will be very difficult to avoid a disaster on the Earth not in one thousand or a million years, but even in the next 100 years. Humankind should not put all the eggs in the same basket, or on the same planet. I hope that the basket does not fall down before the content is scattered.

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